04 January 2019

Failed police raid, cover up followed by falsified evidence

Victoria Police is known for some very dodgy work.

Falsified evidence supported by false statements against the accused, which is supported by the judicature in many court cases is just part of another 'business as usual' day for all persons concerned.

We have obtained detailed information on a case file within Victoria Police that was not release to the mainstream media, where as a result of incorrect intelligence information led to (an obviously failed) raid on a premises where alleged drugs were to be present.

At this point in time we will not disclose the details of matter, but we will mention that as a result of egg on their face, Victoria Police did not drop the matter, but rather they decided to falsify evidence against the accused to incarcerate in order to save face to the higher ups in the force.

In the legal business many should be familiar with the Corinna Horvath case, where the young Ms. Horvath was beaten within an inch of her life in 1996, by Victoria Police in an unlawful home invasion and botched arrest.

Living in a (penal) colony, as usual 'justice' was not served where it took Ms. Horvath 18 years to seek a remedy outside of Australia, Horvath v Australia 2014 within the UN Human Rights Committee.

While this matter is not as brutal as Ms Horvath's none the less Victoria Police tried to convict a person of something that person did not posses nor even alleged to have done, as stated by Victoria Police.

Please note: 

- You only need to provide your name and address to your state's local constabulary if asked, where even though the claim by police is that you need to provide your date of birth, there is no mandate to do so at law.

- Do not say any other words to police, if you are accused of any alleged criminal activity.

- Should you choose to provide police with any information, it would be suggested to you that it be done in writing, as any video/audio recording made by police can be edited and may not be available to your person.

See example of a template where employees of your state's police corporation can write their question to you for a response.

NB: The prosecution (e.g. Victoria Police) has never entered the court room with 'clean hands', something that must be adhered to, but seldom called by any accused.

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Mike Holt said...

This is nothing new. The Vic police did the same to Phil Galea in 2016. He still languishes in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT without trial. This is his story. Please search for other articles about him on our CIRNOW website.