Sunday, October 27, 2013

Corrupt Magistrates free bikies again

Corrupt Judges work together WITH police and 'bikies' in order so that there are NO charges laid against the bikies.

The corporate media allude the general populous that bikies have 'infiltrated' the police, whereas they work hand in hand.

If a law abiding citizen does not pay a 'speeding' fine or parking ticket, which incidentally are unlawful, then one can be arrested (and charged) or even lose one's home.

The courts in Australia, are NOT places of law, but places of business / commerce / trading.

The corrupt 'magistrate' in this instance is : Michael Wighton

See article published on 23 Oct 2013 in the heraldsun:

Bikie brawl charges against brothers Daniel and Ben Pegoraro dropped

TWO brothers who were charged over a bloody bikie brawl have had the case against them dropped. 
Brothers Daniel, 28, and Ben Pegoraro, 23, from Epping, had been charged by police over their role in a brawl at Mill Park last month.

But the case against the brothers - who have links with the Hells Angels - was dismissed this morning at Heidelberg Magistrates' Court.

When the matter first came to court on September 24, magistrate Susan Wakeling said there was a "dearth of evidence".

And magistrate Michael Wighton today agreed to withdraw the charges against the brothers as the heavily tattooed men smiled from the back of court.

CCTV of the terrifying shopping centre brawl shows a number of men involved in the fracas.

The brothers, who have previously been questioned by police over the shooting of Bandidos enforcer Toby Mitchell, have been represented by former gangland lawyer Zarah Garde-Wilson during the proceedings.

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