Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Here is every Christmas present you've ever wanted

IT'S nearly Christmas. 

Which means you probably want to unwrap something more awesome than you've ever seen before.

50 Years 50 Toys
These are 50 presents you'll wish you already had, courtesy of an amazing infographic from the folks at Visual.ly.

50 years 50 Toys | Visual.ly

 news.com.au 9 Dec 2013

In the above graphic 50 YEARS 50 TOYS, on the bottom there the caption reads;

The general populous should be aware of the media spruiked discriminatory terms like;

  • Racism(which only refers to Caucasians?)
  • Antisemitism,
  • Anti -Islam 
but what about Anti-Catholic / Christian slogans, actions or even policies.

The term Happy Holidays refers to the Christmas period that Christian followers worship, where the prime concern is not holidays, but the birth of an Israeli by the name of Jesus Christ.

The message of 'Happy Holidays' is disrespectful to the Christian faith, where if a similar approach was aimed towards the Jewish or Islamic faith then there would be worldwide condemnation.

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