Thursday, June 18, 2015

Victorian drivers paid $90 million in 3 months for speed and red light camera fines

A few weeks ago the corporate media reported that Victorian motoring public forked out $90,000,000 in three months originating from speed camera and red light camera fines.

This equates to approximately $1 million dollars per day for Victorian motorists, extrapolating this to approximately $365 million per year.

What the corporate media does not mention is that none of those fines were generated lawfully.

People are being ripped as a result of false information given by police, the lawyers they hire and from various other sources with regards to the fines they are sent, as these people are all agents of the 'system' that generates the fines.

CorpAu currently posses information that can either nullify any law in Victoria, or have any fine dismissed or withdrawn in a place of business/trading/commerce commonly referred to as a 'court'.

Currently the Magistrates' Court Victoria trades under the ABN (Australian Business Number) of 32 790 288 959, and does so ONLY with your consent.

See illustration below:

The court also refers to something called the (invalid) Australia Act (1986), relying on an (unlawful) entity called the 'Queen of Australia', also the (invalid) Road Safety Act (1986).

It is NOT difficult to dismiss ANY matter pertaining to a speeding or red light camera fine, just a few basic primciples of law need to be comprehended, something a 'lawyer' or 'solicitor' will not tell you, as this is their bread and butter.

The blog CorpAu is preparing a document that will enable anyone to bring their matter before the courts regarding their so called 'fine', in particular from the 'Infringements Court'.

Also note that ANY fine from the 'Infringements Court' is not lawful, something the registrar 'Alex' of the Infringement's court' is fully aware of.

Therefore any 'sheriffs' warrant generated from and 'Infringements Court' fine is unlawful.

The blog CorpAu has also been made aware that a class action lawsuit may be put into motion soon.

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