Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Australia's PM attempting to sabotage the Constitution?

The Australian authorities are getting pretty edgy with regards to the masses being aware that the people in government MUST abide by a document called the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act.

Very briefly ALL laws MUST be checked against the 'Constitution'.

This means the laws that are used to issue you fine by an 'unreliable witness' called a red light camera, or a speed camera.

This also includes a parking fine from your friendly local council / city council / superannuation fund / information booth business or whatever other dodgy 'unconstitutional' authority they claim to be.

As always the people in government are working VERY hard to deceive the general population.

So the propaganda machine is in FULL swing to deceive the masses.

Australia's current Prime Minister, (who's role is NOT defined in accordance with the 'Constitution') goes by the legal name of Mr. Malcolm Bligh Turnbull a member of the Liberal Party (another 'unconstitutional' entity).

On social media, Turnbull is commonly referred to as Malcolm Turdball, or Turncoat or even Halal Mal, wants to change the Constitution, which is ONLY allowed to be done so in accordance with Section 128 of that Act, in order to have the 'politically correct', warm n fuzzy feeling to include an "indigenous voice" within the Act.

WTF is an "indigenous voice" ??? !!! ???

Why not the "Indigenous people" ??? !!! ???

Because the Indigenous people are ALREADY included in the Act.

"Whereas the people", as the opening words within the Act.

These words were carefully chosen by the framers to be non-discriminatory also including the Indigenous population.

Do NOT fall for this deception, by Turncoat.

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