16 July 2017

Australia a nation of whingers attracted to problems not solutions

Over a week ago we posted a shocking law that allows the corporation commonly referred to as the government to take the land from right under home owner's feet, in Victoria.

This draconian law was enacted in 2014, and from what we understand was not mentioned in the mainstream media.

This action by the 'government' comes into force in order to take away the land from the wogs who brought it really cheap in the 1960's and 70's in the Ninety (90) Mile Beach area, where now the 'corporation' want it in order to 'corporatise' the land in the form of fracking and/or expensive real estate.

We also posted a 'remedy' that people have not only with regards to that law, but ANY law enacted by the people in government.

What we have seen is that people are attracted to the problem rather than the solution with regards to this matter at a ratio of 5:1.

What the 'authorities' are doing is concealing the fact that the people (i.e. masses / general population) are the ultimate authority in this country.

The people even still today can act against this law.

We reckon the people will not act against this law, much to the delight of those in power, and the corporations will be rubbing their hands together as to how stupid the Australian population really is.

Another WIN to the corporations coming up...
thanks to the ignorance, stupidity and laziness of the herd population.

They really do deserve the slavery they're in....
well as long as there are PLENTY of distractions; MKR, footy, Voice, S!ut Island, etc etc.

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