Thursday, July 27, 2017

Euthanasia and the Government to kill blue eyed babies?

So the hot debate now is this thing where you assist the murder of someone, or another term 'Euthanasia' (pronounced Youth-in-Asia).

Don't worry because the Victorian premier Daniel Andrews has apparently assured the general population that this will have the most stringent "checks and balances" in the world.

Don't forget that this is coming from incompetent people who cannot do the "checks and balances" on a 116 year old law called the Commonwealth of Australia  Constitution Act as to who is allowed to sit in office.

Don't forget that according to the unlawful 'Victorian Constitution'  from the year 1975 or rather as it is formerly referred to as the "Constitution Act 1975", the claim is that the Victorian government can make whatever law it chooses even if it is to "kill blue eyed babies".

and here is the law that the Victorian Government can pass WHATEVER law it decides to pass;

Legislative power of Parliament
The Parliament shall have power to make laws in and for Victoria in all cases whatsoever.
S. 16A inserted by No. 2/2003 s. 12.

Now you can trust these incompetent imbeciles with your life or what's left of it?

  • Warning bells anyone?
  •  Don't feel any need to protest / inform your MP via a "my will" letter ?
  •  STILL in the too hard basket?

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