Sunday, May 13, 2018

Australian Government want you to work for them for free

How very 'unAustralian'

SO, let's get a couple of things out of the way;

1). People should comprehend that the television is quite simply an advertising medium, where in between entertainment programming, a show case of products is shown for people to purchase, i.e. to commit to an action in commerce,  and not a 'public service announcement' message board, where that would be better left to SMS alerts from the president or official warning bureau. 

2). If it's 'advertised' on (Australian) television you should  know / feel / comprehend it's dodgy.

Current spate of television commercials include messages from all the junk food giants for you to purchase their carcinogenic products.

Surely that's not 'good' for you is it?

At other times of the day the air waves are littered with messages for you to purchase life insurance from some dodgy company whose first goal is not to pay your 'loved ones' out, due to some microscopically written clause or some terms and conditions that you may have allegedly agreed to 'online' where you have no access to this thing called 'online'.

For some time now, the corporation conglomerate known as the Australian Government is in the business of recruiting Australian's to do the job of its Department of Home Affairs for zero cost to the department, i.e. for 'free'.


By 'dobbing' in / ratting out / lagging in on someone going about their 'private' affairs.

See the video contained within the link:

Australia's public education system has taught the children of the general population that 'dobbing' in someone is not very Australian, which stems back to the penal colony days of not giving information to the 'guvna' (governor).

Would you work for 'free' for an unlawful Australian Government business?

Would you work for a business where at a later date may take your imported item from you?

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