Sunday, May 13, 2018

How to cheat Centrelink and not go to prison

So many different messages from the plethora of government businesses.

In Victoria if you do not pay your fines you could go to gaol.

In Queensland if you do not pay your fines the amount will be taken from your bank account if you are payed by Centrelink.

In any event, it does not matter which walk of life you come from,

- Whether you're up the duff, or
- A (real) Aussie bogan pretending to be a barrister (bogan wins on knowing where you're at),

you too can cheat Centrelink and not be imprisoned.

Did you also know that Centrelink advertises that they are exempt from most subpoenas?

How very evasive of law that is!

So, how does one cheat the very profitable business called Centrelink?

Well, quite simply by using the law, the law of probability that is.

You see according to some report the probability of a Centrelink fraudster not going to gaol is 0.70.

If you want to raise your probability of not going to gaol for committing fraud, then you may want to  become an Australian politician.

(Disclaimer: This post should not be read by any person.)

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