Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ex-bikies jailed over bashing

TWO former Comancheros have been jailed and a third has walked free on a suspended sentence over a vicious brawl at a King Street strip club two years ago. 
Samson Bazi, 30, was jailed for 13 months while bikie David Gavelan, 31, was jailed for up to 12 months over a brawl at the Spearmint Rhino strip club in December 2011.

Fellow former Comanchero Ali Bazzi, a 36-year-old pizza maker from Sydney, received a nine month sentence suspended for 18 months over his role in the brawl.

County Court Judge Lewitan described the brawl as "very serious offending" that had left the victims - concreters celebrating a work Christmas function - with missing teeth, bruising and in one case, unconscious.

Bazi, a father of one and the brother of professional soccer player Julia Bazi, is already serving a jail sentence over a brawl in the Dreams strip club in Elizabeth and hopes to marry when he is release.

Gavelan, who had no prior convictions, was jailed in part because his victim was unconscious for part of the attack.

Bazzi, a father of two, ran a Bondi pizza shop for six years and has recently begun selling frozen yoghurt.

Judge Lewitan said each of the men had since left the Comancheros. 17 Dec 2013

Another headline with misleading information.

In the body of the story, there is NO jail, but rather a 'suspended' jail sentence, which means on does NOT step inside the boundaries of a prison.

This is another example of the corrupt Anglo-Masonic legal system.

Another corrupt judge letting criminals loose, in accordance with orders, so that they can re-offend and the 'system' can make more money from 'clients'.

The County Court is a 'business' with the ABN 32 790 228 959, owned by the Liberty Group, which has nothing to do with law, but rather 'contractual obligation'.

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