17 December 2013

Financial Terrorism

Financial Terrorism is a new way of controlling the masses by the denial of a means to live by limiting the amount of money a person or household possesses.

This relatively new means of controlling the population is done in such a manner that most of the populous are blissfully unaware of its reality.

One format used, that is touted in developed, western or capitalistic societies, is the illusion of freedom by which the masses are controlled by is financial debt to the banks and corporations, where the general populous enslave themselves unwillingly or willingly to the corporatocracy.

Another method used is that of 'unlawful' acts implemented by governments in order to fine or issue 'unlawful' infringement notices, which carry a disproportionate financial penalty or jail sentence in relation to the alleged 'crime'.

The social security system is used to strictly entrap the recipients in order not become independent to the control by the authorities.

Australia, is a relatively new police state, where this is not mentioned in the corporate media, in order not to awaken the sleeping herd population.

People who rise to the corrupt judges and magistrates in the courts are targeted arrested and beaten by police into subservience.

This is a reality that is kept under wraps by the corporate media, but is alive and well in various media storage facilities like YouTube.com and Facebook

The corporate media instead draws attention to meaningless 'viral' videos in order to draw attention away from recordings that expose government and jurisdictional fraud in the 'law' courts of Australia.

The Australian government has stepped up its assault on the masses in order to keep them oppressed and subservient.

What the masses are unaware of is that Australian 'law' courts are NOT courts of law as commonly understood, but rather places of business, commerce and/or trading.

You are penalised under 'contractual law', and if you ask ANY judge or magistrate to prove their 'Writ of Commission' or their 'Binding Contract' with your 'estate' name, something they cannot and NEVER can produce, you are threatening the 'system' and will be dealt with accordingly.

A truly corrupt system analogous to the concentration camps of Germany.

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