16 December 2013

Mental Health Act - A new way of dealing with Activists and Protesters

In this new age of modern technology where the government carriageway, commonly known as the internet is used by the masses, the flow of information occurs at an 'instantaneous' rate compared to that of a generation ago.

The 'newspaper' moguls still are the holders of information that influences the general (herd) populous, but now the masses are able to put up information in its raw format, theoretically not supportive of any government agenda, in essence, 'saying how it is'.

Government fraud and corruption is literally the bane of society, where the police 'force' is used to keep the masses submissive to corporate rule, an act in itself that is illegal.

Exposing government fraud and corruption is met with fierce opposition by the authorities (including corporations) where tactics like:

  • financial ruin,
  • breaking into domestic premises,
  • police harassment (following from home to work),
  • targeted for road 'offences',
  • threats to family,
  • unlawful police arrests and 
  • assault or violence against the individual,
are used on a common basis.

Corpau has been made aware that recently there have been secret meetings held in Victoria, Australia aimed at how to deal with this 'new problem'.

The 'brotherhood' has concluded that a new method of tacking people who rise above the tyranny is to incarcerate them under the metal health act, with the intention to experiment with new drugs that produce cancer or drugs that alter the behaviour of an individual.

A 'guinea pig' has been chosen by the authorities for this specific purpose in the outer regional town of Ballarat, under the new mental health act scheme.

Luckily for the person incarcerated, the network of support was overwhelming, and ultimately resulted in the individual being freed.

This fact was not reported by the corporate media, instead the focus is on how the Kardashian's family Christmas card is 'creepy', a diversion used to keep the populous 'stupefied'.

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