19 December 2013

Centrelink ripping off pensioners again

It is not uncommon for the corporate media in Australia through programs like A Current Affair, or Today Tonight, to jump on the bandwagon of exposing social security cheats, which in effect steal from the tax payer funded social security system.

It should also be noted that stealing is a crime, and subject to police intervention, or so that is what the masses are led to believe.

Not everyone who steals gets charged, convicted or even weighed down with a criminal record, which in effect is of little or no consequence in the real world.

Pensioners, low income earners, the uneducated, or those who are simply unable to react or defend themselves are often (soft/easy) targets specifically aimed at by the 'authorities' for the sole purpose of Financial Terrorism.

Those who are dependent on social security, are targeted, and oppressed in many forms, from a passive aggressive manner by the departments to plain unlawful withholding of finances.

An interview from a source within the industry netted shocking results that Centrelink recipients are treated and seen by staff as 'scum'.

"When they [the dole blugders] call us, we [Centrelink] don't give a f**k, we go on a smoke break, or to the toilet, or on a lunch break, and keep them hanging on, as we know they need us", said the anonymous source.

Lesser known facts:

  • Centrelink is a business (ABN 29 468 422 437) that receives a specific amount from government for each of the registered recipients it allocates the funds to.

  • An order from the top of Centrelink management is to, in as many cases as possible (even resulting to providing false information), 'breach' and not give the full amount each recipient is entitled (contracted) to receive.

Corpau has obtained information that Centrelink have now targeted pensioners (approximately 72,000 - 76,000 recipients) in order not to pay the full amount they are contracted to receive.

If a recipient is found to be defrauding Centrelink, irrespective of the time frame, payments must be returned including 'fines' and other 'penalties', if not then the real possibility of a prison sentence is imminent. This does not hold true in the reverse scenario.

How the fraud is done:

Centrelink is delaying the processing of pensioner payment to the tune of 13 weeks.

The customer is told (provided with false information) over the phone, that the delay may be up to 10 weeks, knowing full well from the managers that the delay is over 13 weeks or over 3 months.

Centrelink also state that there will be in effect no 'back pay' from when the forms were lodged, in effect stealing the funds from the recipient.

Centrelink steals again from the customers, the interest earned from the monies held.

Many of the recipients are not in any state or position to take action against this kind of fraud, so many just "grin and bear it".

Australia is a very litigious country, and for the few who know how the 'system' operates can use this fact to their advantage.

The new policies implemented in order to get away with fraud:

Since the authorities are fully aware of this (litigious state) a new method of (non) communication has emerged.

  • Government or 'corporate' workers are instructed not to give out their names, as this can be used as evidence in court, against them or the company.

  •  All communication is to be done via the phone, so the 'customer' has no written record, which can then be given to lawyers and taken further.

  •  When writing a complaint to the 'authority' heavy handed tactics are to be used, including quotes from various (unlawful) Acts,which are specifically designed to intimidate.

  • If a complaint is received the response is given by not any single person, claiming ownership of the document, but rather a 'team' or an inanimate object, e.g. the department.

Centrelink is involved in fraud, something that the corporate media would be reluctant to investigate or report on?

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