Sunday, February 16, 2014

Commonwealth Bank censors Corporate Australia

The private banking company known as the 'Commonwealth' Bank has filters both software and hardware to keep its computers, employees and customer's data safe, which is mandatory in today's internet connected world.

The Commonwealth Bank has censored access to the blog corpau (Corporate Australia), which can be seen in the screen capture (below), together with the apparent reason for the block to the information contained within the site.

Commonwealth Bank states that:

The web resource has been deemed by your administrator to be unsafe or unsuitable for you to access. The resource has been blocked. No further action is required.

This is the same policy the Australian government has with the censorship of the internet, with regards to what it sees as safe for the public to consume.

Only government sanctioned information will be able to be read by the people.

China currently has the policy that limits free speech, together with a heavily censored 'internet' that people access. China's current population sits at approximately 1.365 billion.

It is not difficult to control, censor or limit access to resources out of a total population of 23 million people, via new 'internet' projects, where there is a 'black hole'  or 'project blowout' budget which funds the hidden agenda.

Australia is truly the new age Alcatraz, where policies, agendas and laws are put into action in such a manner that does not awake its sleeping prisoners.

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