14 February 2014

HCA - Wakim [1999]

Decision - Re Wakim [1999] 

HCA 27; 198 CLR 511; 163 ALR270; 73 ALJR 839 (17 June 1999)
Kirby JJ stated - 

A legislature cannot, by pre-ambular assertions, recite itself into constitutional power where none exists. [239]
In simple words:

Judge Kirby of the High Court of Australia is telling us that the Parliament of Australia is NOT working UNDER any Constitution. 

In other words the government has NO AUTHORITY - absolutely none.

Any Act that does NOT have proper lawful SEAL UNDER the “Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act” which was passed on 9th July 1900 and entered into the Commonwealth of Australia Gazette 1st January 1901 in any State, IS INVALID.

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