16 March 2015

Police officers quit after colleagues cover up cop’s drunken crash in Bendigo

Inspector Ian Geddes says a senior constable facing disciplinary action has left the forc
Inspector Ian Geddes says a senior constable facing disciplinary action has left the force because of an unrelated health matter.
A THIRD of 21 police embroiled in an attempt to cover up a fellow officer’s drunken crash have left the force. 

The final four officers have now been disciplined.

Inspector Mark Edwards, who had charges of perjury and misleading the OPI dropped against him in February last year, was demoted and is no longer based in Bendigo.

A senior sergeant was placed on a 12-month good-behaviour bond, and a sergeant was fined and also placed on a bond.


Inspector Ian Geddes said a senior constable who had faced disciplinary action had left the force on a pension for an unrelated health matter.

The only officer to escape discipline was the most senior, a superintendent who was cleared of attempting to pervert the course of justice by ­interfering   with  the  inquiry.

An 18-month integrity probe of Bendigo police was sparked by claims police conspired to derail the original investigation into former Bendigo senior constable Dean Robinson, who crashed his car into Bendigo’s Queens Arms Hotel in November 2011 while drunk.

The extent of the alleged cover-up was revealed in documents released to the Herald Sun under Freedom of Information laws last year.

The Office of Police Integrity reviewed the crash investigation after claims breath-testing Mr Robinson had been delayed beyond the statutory three-hour limit.

He then had a blood-alcohol level of 0.111.

Mr Robinson resigned nine months later. He was fined $7000 and lost his licence for 11 months, with no conviction, after pleading guilty to drink-driving, dangerous driving and failing to stop at an accident.

Other officers were disciplined: a sergeant and a senior public servant were dismissed; two sergeants and two senior constables resigned; three senior constables were placed on good-behaviour bonds; a senior sergeant, a sergeant and a senior constable were admonished; and four senior constables were given guidance.

heraldsun.co.au 3 Mar 2015

More corrupt police acting in am manner that endangers life.

Totally sickening that these pieces of garbage are in charge of 'law enforcement'.

The corporation most commonly known as Victoria Police (ABN: 63 446 481 493) is most probably one of the state's most corrupt organisations.

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