30 November 2013

A list of corrupt judges / magistrates

This post is a listing of the names of corrupt judges and magistrates operating under the various corporate entities commonly referred to as 'law courts' from Australia.

 This list is updated periodically.

From New South Wales

Chief Justice BATHURST, Tom

From South Australia

Chief Justice KOURAKIS, Chris

Justice BAMPTON, Anne

From Victoria

Judge DUGGAN, Jim
Judge HAYNE, Kenneth Madison
Judge NEESHAM, Thomas
Judge NORRISH, Stephen

Magistrate ADAMS, Hugh Francis
Magistrate COOPER, Simon

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Helen Tsigounis said...

I would like to refer to you my website and book which is at the highest level a legal document exposing severe judicial corruption in Queensland and the High Court of Australia. www.helentsigounis.com

John said...
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jillyjay77 said...

Id like to know how many corrupt judges in Melbourne also. They certainly dont do their jobs properly or care about the truth.
I still cant comprehand how my ex partners past police record has been made into mine in a court of law and how its been allowed tro happen when the case was to have my ex charged with assult under the DV laws and he gets to walk away from it all and his police record.
Corruption plus if you ask me .. thanks law system you let me down and couldnt even tell me about it and I had to find out the jard way, now no one is prepared to help me or amend their mistake.

John said...
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Similar thing happened to me with 4 police officers physically assaulting me inside their station and one pfhow outside who challenged me to a fight. After making a complaint to the relevant authorities I was charged for assaulting them when I didn't even raise a finger to defend myself. I attempted to obtain the footage from inside the police station and outside near the court house where that one officer put his fists up to fight me without success. The matter took nearly two years to go to court and it was only a few weeks prior to that that I managed to get a hold of the footage with the help of my determined sister who was also given the run around by police. As soon as I watched the footage of both incidents I emidiately new they'd been tampered with where vital moments were erased. So I totally understand your frustration with your matter as it's extremely disturbing to know the police who are there to protect us are capable of such unthinkable actions against innocent people. Good luck for the future.


I hear you my friend and agree 100%.Been put through out corrupt system and know all about it.The more I tried to expose the pricks, the more I found myself at court for manufactured charges in what I saw as a way to shut me up. They will all go to hell for what they are doing.


And no one will help you as they all stick together and nobody is going to rock the boat to support who they see as a no one. Stay strong and don't let it destroy you.

Framed by police and court said...

I can add a magistrate to the list of corrupt ones in NSW.

Magistrate Tony Murray of Albury Local Court. I have lodged one complaint about him with the Judicial Commission, and when trying to lodge a second one, find I am suddenly having trouble getting that one accepted.

It is more comprehensive than the first, and displays his illegal activities quite clearly by way of transcripts of hearings I missed, in assisting an employee of the community justice centre, to get false AVO applications through the court.

One the applications were proven by defence evidence to be false, Magistrate Murray pretended to dismiss those, and all the evidence demonstrating purjery on the part of the applicants, and imposed new 'police' ones. Yet the police nor court have any record of new applications, and the court merely pretended that the original ones had been granted. The transcripts revealed more false verbal allegations, made to a Magistrate who was already acting corruptly, which police supported, and I was convicted. Trying to undo it all, is opening a new can of worms of corrupted dealings, and proceedings, and police harassment.

John said...
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John said...
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Framed by Albury Police and Court said...

I now have four complaints in about our local 'Magistrate', yet I keep being forced to appear before him. He threw the book at me recently, fined me heavily, for breaching an illegal AVO application (protects the holder to continue to do something illegal), which was disproven by evidence, and the court was advised that the police, in their rush to frame me for several breaches, forgot to serve the AVO on me. Therefore, its not even valid.

Police continue to charge me based on the AVO holder's allegations, without even interviewing me about the so called 'breaches'. They write arrest documentation designed to frame me even further, and put words in my mouth, confessing to the allegation, which were not even said.

Utter corruption, harassment and conspiracy to convict a person of crimes that did not even happen.

All being controlled by a local business owner. A taxation accountant, seeking to protect his own employee, who is the one breaking the law. I guess he's a Mason, therefore, can instruct the legal system to do whatever he needs them to do.

All complaints to relevant agencies, dismissed, and the corruption allowed to continue. What a crock. What a disgrace. What hypocrites! Illegally using the law to attack people, in illegal manners, and handing down illegal judgements.

Framed by Albury Police and Court said...

Just been in court again today. Heard another story about corruption here in Albury, within the police force, and the court, under Magistrate Murray.

The man I was sitting next to in the court room told me that the police applied for an AVO against him, because he had threatened to dob his neighbour in for being a heroin dealer. She was continually being cruel to his cat, and so he threatened to expose her, for what he knew she was doing.

She called up her mate, a local cop, who he tells me is known in the area for being involved in the supply of heroin. He fabricated an allegation of assault against the man. He enlisted two other officers to support his story.

Despite the man tearing apart the discrepancies in the cops fabricated stories, Magistrate Murray refused to listen to any of that. He threatened to charge the man with contempt if he kept asserting to him that the police were lying, and awarded them their AVO.

So, we have Tony Murray handing out AVO's to protect tax accountant's employees to break a legally binding agreement not to gossip about client's affairs, and to heroin dealers, to protect them from being dobbed in to corrupt local police.

And the public can do nothing about it. A reporter told me that they have been receiving many complaints about people being convicted of false allegations, on no or falsified evidence of police. That can only happen, if you have a corrupt Magistrate on the bench. Yet we should all obey them, and the law. What a joke.

My first complaint to the Judicial Commission was dismissed, by them, as has every complaint about police, court house employees perverting the course of justice, etc. It's time for people to take a stand! This is just not good enough!

Sweet said...

Which police we speaking of?
I am going to assume Albury.
I spoke with an Inspector whom seems sick of their shit. Since I put in complaint a week ago. Dirty cop has left me alone. Try calling police assistance line they give you a secret email address

Unknown said...

Hi, I spoke to a detective in Victoria apparently you can record people however the same day someone was jailed for four months just posting had to go to court over my ex again and she deserves a punch in the twins he didn't even mentioned her name and judge outright had him straight in custody.

Unknown said...

These guys have no morals. Just havr to look at border mail. They shut down drug ring in walla so they could run it not sure how they can justify it financially. It such a small town.

Unknown said...

Hi I had similar experiences you need to put complaints in to the police commissioner. Yes they won't admit wrongdoing but the harassment may stop

Unknown said...

Tony Murray recently approved an Avo on a severely special needs child for his child abuse. Yes we knew of the corruption and drug dealings but to sink this low? Wonders never cease

Unknown said...

Why won't the bordermail-au do an expose they have Fairfax backing? Or are they also In pocket

Framed by Albury Police and Court said...

All of the 'Inspectors' who phoned me about my complaints, blatantly covered up for the guilty officers, and allowed the harassment to continue unchecked.

However, a person told me that one constable at Albury Police station told her, when she was being held in custody without reason and denied all of her rights, that she was 'there at a bad time'.

Most of the corrupt cops who work there, seem to be enjoying and supporting that 'bad time'. It would be nice if one of them stepped up and put an end to corrupt arrest procedures, falsifying of evidence and sheer harassment of anyone who dares to lodge a complaint about the illegal activities Albury police are indulging in.

Technically it should be the Magistrate who reminds them that there are laws they must adhere to, to gain a conviction. However, Tony Murray has his own agenda, and not only supports them, but is guilty of illegally framing people himself without their help.

Framed by police and court said...

Arrested, assaulted and then charged with hindering arrest, by Albury Police on Saturday 22 October 2016. The male officer tried to break my writs while escorting me to their police van. They threatened to break down my front door, if I did not allow myself to be taken into custody. I was charged with sending two emails. The employee of the NSW Justice system claims to have been offended by the language contained in the emails, which is not even all that bad, and therefore I have committed a telecommunications offence in sending them to her. There's more to that story, but I'm gagged from writing about it, or bail will be revoked. Which is a funny thing, police now have me in a position where they could revoke bail at any time before my next court appearance, facing four illegal charges next month. I would then be unable to continue to prepare and then lodge a defence. They were given a sneak preview of that defence, and which is what prompted them to attack and frame me again a few days later, because they could see that they would loose in court. Another false charge is their way of fighting a legitimate defence. All to protect Magistrate Tony Murray, and do away with myself. It works in his court though, he allows new charges to be made to affect the outcome of a hearing, if its his friends who are loosing and want to make the new charge. Disgusted. Albury, you need to take your town back, from corrupt police and a corrupt court house.

Mr Smith said...

Corruption is going on all over Australia . Police , lawyer , judge , court and political. It is endemic through the entire industry from the highest to the lowest just like a disease . They do not care who they hurt or life they destroy as long as they get there money . And there is no one to stop them .
The is only way to put an end to this sickness and disease once and for all and that is for us the people to come together to act as one. If there must be a civil war , then so be it.... but either way it all has to end and we are the ones to do. WE MUST STAND TOGETHER AND ACT AS ONE AGAINST THEM . This is our planet, our country , they do not own us , they do not own Australia .
It is well past time to act . Let us do it for our children and our selves and our future ,
I for one have been ready to take action for years .


Framed by police and court said...

Further to my story of corrupted dealings with Magistrate Murray, at the Albury Local court.

After being assaulted by police, and put up on another false charge organized by the court employed 'mediator' Gwen Bradley of the NSW Community Justice Centre, I applied for a stay in proceedings to give me some time to recover from my injuries. At the same time I made application to have the new charge heard at another court house, where the complainant has no influence on the Magistrate.

The fill in Magistrate who heard that application, listed it for a decision on 12 December 2016. At that hearing, I lodged a second application for motion, asking that all of the false charges of breach also be moved to a new court house, again, where the court mediator had no influence to be able to affect the outcome of matters involving her personal friends.

Magistrate Murray was on his bench that day. He lied in court and pretended he didn't even know the court mediator and that she didn't work there. When I began to pull out the arrest documentation where she lists herself as an employee of Albury Court House, he then had to change his mind and his story. He had to confirm that he did indeed know her, and worked with her on a regular basis. One person in the audience couldn't help but laugh out loud at that.

Murray stated that he would have to disqualify himself from hearing that charge. He stated that a decision on whether he would allow a change of venue would be made on 24 January 2017. In relation to the second application for motion, he stated that he would hand down his decision for that on 9 February 2017.

Upon checking the court lists a few days before the January hearing, I find that he hadn't listed the applications for motion at all, and had instead listed the charges for hearing.

Forewarned, I lodged my 5th complaint about him to the NSW Judicial Commission, and lodged an application for a stay, until I could have a hearing in the Federal Court about the illegal awarding of the false ADVO applications. Also to give me time to appeal his story that he claims he dismissed both of the applications for motion at hearing on 12 December 2016.

The visiting Magistrate, who Murray had enlisted to convict me that day, relisted the hearings for motion. He also washed his hands of it all, after reading some of the material, and listed it for a date that Murray would not be on the bench, but also that he would not be.

It just never ends. The corruption going on at that court house, involving all staff, and lorded over by the very corrupt Magistrate Tony Murray, is just outrageous. In fact, I hear his corruption is legendary in the towns surrounding Albury.

A law professor has been reading some of my arrest documents, and defence statements, and is astounded at how many illegal acts they have committed against me. The court that is, not the applicants themselves, who are also guilty of making false allegations and perjury. But because their friend works there, I'm the one who got convicted and fined heavily instead.

The Chief Executive of the NSW Judicial Commission continues to pretend that Magistrate Tony Murray has done nothing wrong, and continues to cover up for Murray's crimes against justice.

John said...
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Framed by police and court said...

Jenny Block - Is there any way to get in contact with you? You seem to have some good information about Murray and what is going on in Albury.

If you search my blog and send me a message, I can read it without letting it appear on the site.

Google: 'Framed in the Local Court by Albury Police' and you will find me.

For the other readers, Tony Murray has defied the rulings of a Magistrate who had to sit in for him for one of my hearings, after being forced to disqualify himself. Murray had already illegally de-listed one of my applications for motion (change of venue) and replaced it with criminal charges. At the hearing with the impartial Magistrate, he re-listed that application for motion, and de-listed the false charges Murray is seeking to convict me of. The impartial Magistrate agreed that no charges could be listed at that court house, until both of my applications for motion had been heard. After he'd left, Murray then delisted one of those applications again, and surrounded the one that he did leave in place, with all the same false charges, and allowed new ones to be added.

His corruption is just beyond a joke. And the man is just too stupid to realize that I will not lie down and be convicted of crimes that not only he knows I am innocent of, but so do the police who bought them against me.

I've only just come to realize though, that all of those charges mainly stem from lodging complaints to the Ombudsman, Police Commissioner and NSW Justice, about all of the people involved in the first unlawful arrest, falsification of evidence and false conviction handed down by Murray.

There is a law against people in the justice 'industry' using their positions to bring charges against people who have lodged valid complaints about them. Yet that is the bottom line here. The more I complain about their corrupt behaviour, the more I get charged. And not one damn government agency will stop them from doing it to me.

Framed by police and court said...

I now have to add Magistrate Cromptom, to this list of corrupt Magistrates in NSW. I'd given him the benefit of the doubt previously, even though it has been obvious he has been directed by Tony Murray not to undo any of his dirty work.

Cromptom is based in Sydney, and I can't say which courts he sits on the bench of in that city. He might be a fill in Magistrate all over the state. However, he is regularly flown down to Sydney to cover any overload at the Albury Local court.

Two days ago, he knowingly and deliberately continued all of Tony Murray's corruptions against me, and refused to grant my legal right to motion, a change in venue, away from a court house where I cannot expect to receive a fair hearing.

In February of this year (2017) the NSW Judicial Commission deliberately removed information from its website, that you could appeal that Commission's decisions to the Federal Court.

Staff at Albury Court House knew that had been done, back in February, and openly mocked me at a hearing that same month, and again two days ago, for believing it is even possible to make application for a judicial review, in the federal court.

However, I have always retained not only the emails confirming my request to make that application, I have also always left the partly completed application on the Federal Court Website, to show that it was interrupted, by an assault by Albury police. The application was discontinued before I was able to upload the final document required. The site had also accepted my welfare details, and automatically waived the $600 application fee.

I meant to ask them at hearing this week, if they are proud that they bought that change about. However, it does occur to me, that it still might be possible, and only the information about it, has been removed from the NSW Judicial Commission website. Not the process itself.

Albury Court House tells me that I must make application to the NSW Supreme court for a judicial review. However, the Magistrate who states that, didn't even seem to know what a judicial review was, or what and who's decision I was trying to take there.

However, I think it would be pretty pointless trying to accuse the Chief Executive of the NSW Judicial Commission of being dishonest, in a NSW court, even if it is the Supreme one. Or maybe, especially the Supreme one.

The time frame in which I could have appealed to the Federal Court, has now expired anyway, otherwise I would be contacting them, and seeking to lodge a new application for a hearing with them.

Nikki Roks said...

Same thing happened to me, plus he's a lawyer. He has managed to do everything in his power to abuse me and my children with complete impunity and support from the legal community. Corruption is out of control and crooked lawyers know they're above the law when they have so many friends in the police and Courts. Not once did they protect me and my children from him when he was open about his hatred and abuse towards me and his daughter, they all just supported it and even did his dirty work for him. We should have been the ones protected.

Unknown said...

Yes I myself have been victimized for over 10 years and just recently been physically assaulted along with my son who they smashed his face and tazored him several times on his chest and spinal cord after we told them they were not to enter the property, they jumped the fence 7:15 at night in dark, because a crook cop who lives next door conspired with my mothers power of attorney ( the power of attorney is crooked)to get us off my fathers property. Then they took us 200 kms away to another town assaulted us a bit more and then sent my son into remand then down to high security prison in Perth 600 kms away, then to a mental institute where they where forcing him on to a bed and needling him with drugs. Then sent him back into high security prison. When I managed to get back the next day to my fathers place after hitch hiking the house had its locks changed and gas bottles removed and electricity turned off. All with any court order. These perpetrators are nothing...........We are still waiting court but I have been doing massive amounts of study in common law etc: and I will not employ the service of lawyers because they are part of the corruption system. I agree totally we must stand together, not violently, but support each other and bring them down by means of true law . if someone needs to have support in the court room support them by means of the common law. there is plenty of very good material coming out now on youtube as everyone is sick to death of it. These ones are animalistic perpetrators of violence and crime. Educate yourself as I am, rise above their crap. A word of encouragement; "If you think your too small to make a difference you haven't spent the night with a mosquitoe"...(african proverb.) And God made the mosquitoe. Take care everyone stay with it.

Framed by police and court said...

Magistrate Michael Cromptom, NSW. Former registrar of the Supreme Court of NSW, already perverting the course of justice, and indulging in acts of sheer misconduct, a mere two years after being appointed as a Magistrate.

On 14 September 2017, when going through his list at 10am, Magistrate Cromptom only called one matter that was to be heard against me that day, a continuation of a hearing started in June 2017. I bought up the topic of other matters listed for hearing and/or mention. He verbally refused to acknowledge any of them. He shook his shoulders and pretended to not know what I was talking about. I advised I had applications for motion in relation to all of them, ready to lodge with him.

Shortly after, the hearing began. The main business for the day was to cross examine my accuser. Two questions in, and the police prosecutor and Magistrate were both actively protecting the witness from answering. Cromptom advised I would only be allowed to ask one more question. I closed up my folders, and walked out of the hearing, and the court house. My two witnesses accompanied me. We had a coffee across the road, and were there for around half an hour.

We saw the accusers leave the court house shortly before we left. According to an email from the registrar received this week, two ADVO applications were granted against me in my absence, while I was sitting in the coffee shop across the road.

Yet the Magistrate had refused to call those ADVO applications, when going through his list that morning. They were also not listed outside the court room that day, and the clerk deliberately refused to call them. However, they were still shown on the online court lists, and that date had been set at hearing on 20 June 2017. That was all deliberate, misconduct, and illegal.

Between 3.45 and 5.00 pm on that same afternoon, the court Registrar issued a series of summonses for me to appear in court, in four days time. Two of which were weekend. They related to all of the other matters Magistrate Cromptom refused to call that day.

I advised I was unable to attend, and to email the result to me. I was on bail for one of the matters listed for mention on 14 September 2017, and wanted to address that at its mention on that date. I had been on bail for 11 months, for an illegal charge for which the complainant now refused to appear in court, and have it heard. Because she will be found guilty of illegal conduct and not myself.

The Magistrate refused to acknowledge it, nor to relist it, therefore he negated bail. Yet the court tries to pretend that he did not, by listing it late that afternoon, for mention again four days later.

I was obliged to attend, due to bail conditions. However, I advised I had met those when I attended court on the day I was next bailed to appear on. The court had laid a trap to jail me these four days later, to cover up for their own previous perversions of the course of justice, and illegal actions of the arresting police officer. I refused to walk into it.

I was emailed the result of the 'hearing' on 18 September that afternoon. They did not mention the matter for which I was on bail. Yet they had tried to use it as an excuse to lure me there. I'd advised there was no point me attending that hearings, since in recent times they appear to be trying to drop that matter from the list anyway, but they still want to use its bail.

Magistrate Cromptom used to hear the bail applications for the Supreme Court of NSW. Now he is playing games with bail in the local courts where he now 'works'. Using an illegal bail notice to force attendance for a different set of charges, from a different complainant. The one I accuse the court staff of colluding with to bring false charges against me. They have been doing that for a year now too, ever since it was put in place.

tanya wilkson said...

all judges are the same as long as they and their family is safe the couldn't give a shit about who walks the streets they are all corrupt in some way and its nearly impossible to prove it because they are above the law. i have complained to the ccc many times about a certain judges on the coast and they just keep saying that they have no reason to investigate even though i have clearly outlined many points to them that are legit so you never know who they got in their pockets .another thing that shits me to tears is that their family's are protected to so when lets say the judges wife or husband break the law then they also get protected from the law and guess what everyone is to scared to go up against them because they are judges what a joke this justice system is. im sure that half the prisons are full of people who dont need to be there and in saying that ,that means most people who should be behind bars arent and are walking the streets with the general population it makes me sick knowing that judges take advantage of the law and then sit behind their little benches and past judgement down to other people.

Framed by police and court said...

NSW Justice has done nothing to address the corruption occurring against me by the corrupt Magistrates at the Albury court house. In fact, they continue to allow police to bring more charges against me to cover it all up.

Please sign my petition, if you would like to stop an innocent person being sent to jail.


Unknown said...

My recent encounter with the Federal Court of Australia which as left me
"Could we truly expect justice from our Australian Judicial System or are
we being
foolish and naive?" How can judges be allowed to make so many grave errors
in common
law and facts? How can they be allowed to use their power to exercise
unfairness, not observe rules or the law and run their own agenda?

Even if a trial judge makes such errors, how can the appeal judge be
allowed to
choose not to correct these errors?

I have published my website http://www.isthislaw.com.au for the public to
and comment on the miscarriage of justice that has occurred here.

Can we truly expect justice from our justice system?

I would appreciate it if the public would read my website and provide
comments and
to be mindful of what really goes on in these courts. Please do not
dismiss this as
I am just disgruntled by a court decision. The truth is far from that. The
monumental amount of prejudice and non observation of the law that has
occurred here is phenomenal.

The more the public participates in voicing against injustice, the more we
can keep
the system honest and expect our judges to do their job proper.

So please have a read. Publish it on your website. Please help to raise

Appreciate your feedback.

Nathan Gomez

Unknown said...

Judges get away with whatever it is they get way with due to their corruptness and/or incompetence. There is no way the public can rein in the mongrels. The Anglo-American adversarial legal system (it is not a system of justice) does not have the determination of truth as its purpose - unlike the European investigative legal system. Read Evan Whitton's book OUR CORRUPT LEGAL SYSTEM: Why Everyone is a Victim (Except Rich Criminals). And without the truth, there can be no justice. In Australia, law is a legal industry set up by and for the benefit of lawyers - not the Australian public. So-called justice is arbitrary. Note the endless appeals which are great moneymakers for lawyers. Note the false convictions and wrongful imprisonments which are traumatizing to everyone associated with serious offences. Note the thick and corrupt constabulary bent on putting their victims innocent or otherwise behind bars. Note all the killings in custody. Note mongrel judges (all lawyers) gowning around and calling themselves Justice - what a sick national joke. And everywhere dissatisfaction, pain, and legal fees and more legal fees. The adversarial legal system in Australia is beyond redemption (save from a state of sinfulness and its consequences).

Helen Douglas. New email Ketty2009@live.com.au said...

i wish to state my case. However, my new emaail is ketty2009@live.com.au.

Helen Douglas. New email Ketty2009@live.com.au said...

I wish to add Justice Alywynne Rowlands to the list. In a Family Law matter, he wrote to my personal address. Immediately from the tone and the wording I knew he had deliberately provided me with misleading information. I wrote to the CEO, Mr Len Glare, the Chief Justice at the time and the Attorney-General Duncan Kerr. I received apologies from them all. That is not good enough in my opinion. I often wonder how many other letters he has written to people in the same style as the staff delicately put it "providing incorrect advice" I often wonder also about the ethics of writing to the person. If anybody wishes to see the correspondence I have it all available. Helen Douglas

Unknown said...

Why are judges Hayne and Kourakis on your corruption list?

Framed by police and court said...

NSW Magistrate Rodney Brender. Sent to start his career at the Albury Court House, already being asked to act corruptly by the Registrar, Ms Elizabeth Leathbridge, and happy to oblige.

Mag Brender was happy to hear a charge that police had never bought against a person, and convict the person, at the court's first mention of the charge.

The accused was never served a court attendance notice by NSW police, nor a statement of facts. The accused was summoned to court for the mention of the charge, so that police could serve the necessary paperwork for the matter to be listed and mentioned. She failed to appear.

A sentencing hearing was listed, at the mention, no hearing set, and the accused not summoned to the sentencing hearing. Just sent the fine in the mail, for having been convicted of false police allegations, designed to cover up previous corruption at that same court and police station.

Star Chamber for sure. I'm sure Brender will go on to become even more corrupt over time, and send many innocent people to jail, fully aware that they are innocent.

DafuqClub said...

Hi all,
Wondering why posts stopped?