19 June 2016

VCAT deception regarding presiding members

When it comes to corruption, fraud, extortion and theft it is difficult to match the masters of deception in Australia's judicature.

Many a legal 'person' has been harmed by a judicial registrar presiding over a matter where it is stated by law (a term referred to very loosely) that a magistrate must be present.

This is unfortunately very common in Australia, in a place of business, trading  and commerce called the 'court'.

Don't expect the corporate media to devote resources (read reporters) to matters of significance like this, but rather chasing pictures of how wide Kim Kardashian's arse is this week are a priority to distract the herd populace.

We've been given the heads up that in an inquisitorial place of mutual consent called VCAT ( Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal) people who have not the required qualifications have been sitting behind the bench hearing matters and issuing 'orders'.

In one instance of a 'miscarriage of justice' a town planner heard a matter, instead of a legally qualified member.

If your 'person' ends up in court, you 'person'  may want to aquire:

  • the name of the person presiding over the matter ( for damages in relation (but not limited) to: 
  •  treason/fraud/deception/miscarriage of justice),
  •  their qualification,
  •  the court's indemnity insurance company, for claims of harm/injury.

You may wish to proceed after all those details have been disclosed.

If your matter is a 'civil' matter and a court chooses not to provide the answers you seek, you may wish to serve a 'Notice For Discovery' (for Victorian litigants), referred to as a 'Form 29A' contained within the post:

If you have been harmed by VCAT in any manner, you may want to exercise your right to sue.

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