06 July 2014

Police Watch Australia Facebook page ‘names and shames’ officers in normal course of duty

'Police brutality' in Fortitude Valley


A CENTRAL Queensland police officer has been named on a controversial Facebook site simply for what he says is “doing my job”. 

The senior constable is furious after being branded a “tool” and “arrogant” on the Police Watch Australia page.

The incident has added weight to a call from the Queensland Police Union to shut down the group’s “Film a Cop in July” campaign.

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Union president Ian Leavers said the campaign was provocative and could lead to arrests.

“No other employees have to put up with cameras being shoved in their face at their workplace, so why should we?” Mr Leavers said.

The senior constable singled out by the group said he was filmed as he booked a traffic offender.
“I knew I was being filmed. But I wasn’t the one who’d broken the law,’’ he said.

But the Facebook page, which claims its aim is to expose police brutality, identified the officer “who was not keen on his mug being on video”.

Under his photo, one supporter posted “I know he is a tool” who “like a lot of cops with a badge and a gun’’ was “arrogant” and “power tripping”.

The senior constable said he had been unfairly targeted by the group.

“Of course I’m not happy with what was posted,’’ the officer said.

“Some of the other officers have also seen it, so it’s frustrating.’’

The officer will consult his superiors before deciding his next move.

But those behind the campaign say “if police have nothing to hide, they have nothing to worry about”.

“This event is to raise awareness of our right to film police in public,’’ the group said.

Originally published as Facebook police watch ‘not a fair cop’

couriermail.com.au 6 July 2014

Many a police officer in Australia not only has broken the 'law' but also run rampant against the Queen's subjects.

There is an enormous criminal element within the police, but as the corporate media would like the masses to think, this is all part of a 'Conspiracy Theory'.

The so called cops are 'policy enforcers' and 'Corporate Thugs' as described by many.

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