09 July 2014

Class action lawsuit - People v THE STATE OF VICTORIA

We should be aware that a class action lawsuit (Andrews v ANZ) of approx. 38,000 regarding the ANZ bank’s dodgy business practice resulted in a successful outcome for the people.

Recently, information has been obtained that a number of dedicated individuals who reside in Victoria have spent a fair amount of time compiling enough information to initiate a successful lawsuit against the STATE OF VICTORIA.

If you have been effected by a ‘fine’ that calls on the Road Safety Act 1986, Local Government Act 1989, Melbourne City Link Act 1995, Infringements Act 2006 or the theft of property by the sheriff calling on the Sheriff’s Act 2009 or any other law pertaining to the Australia Act 1986, then you may have very well been duped out of your money.

Although the scope of the class action is initially for Victoria, there may be a possibility to take it to a national level.

The organisers require the numbers to be in the thousands. From what has been mentioned at a meeting, it is not about the financial outlay, but rather the numbers, the more the better (20,000+).

At this point in time, this is the only information available, until the next meeting in approx. a month’s time with the organisers.

If you are prepared to put your name to the paperwork, when the time comes to go to court, please become a member and like the group.

See facebook page:

 and like to register your intention to participate in the class action.

or register your interest on their website at:


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