Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ceramic Fuel Cells (Cheap Energy) Not for Oz

In this New Age, the masses are taught to be environmentally conscious.

At every point in their lives it is programmed into them that it is THEIR responsibility that the environment must be cared for and is degrading as as result of their wasteful ways.

None of this could be further from the truth, as big industry is one of the largest polluters of the planet.

Processing plants in Papua New Guinea use slave labour, and put the toxins straight into the natives river systems.

Processing plants in India have poisoned the local populations, and there have been NO fines or jail terms for the people responsible.

Local City Councils in Australia, are in the process of limiting rubbish tips, and are putting the onus on the owner to recycle their own rubbish under the 'green' label.

Infrastructure has already been put in place for owners to supply their own household water, in the forms of water tanks. Once connected to the house, the water rate supplied by government is increased, so that means the households are getting ripped off as a reward for supplying their own water.

Households are being encouraged to purchase expensive solar electricity systems, that realistically do not supply enough power for the household, yet the public are still being conned into the expensive purchases.

The solar companies are not being totally up front with their pricing or household usage or even the amount of electricity able to be generated from the solar cells.

As of this posting, ReneSola says its multicrystalline cells have an efficiency of 17.5%

Enter a new product, but NOT for Australia.
An Australian company has designed a product that uses mains powered gas to produce CHEAP ELECTRICITY.

This is done by the use of ceramic fuel cells. The device that is connected to the gas pipes has an efficiency of approx 80%, or a minimum of 4x the the current greatest claimed solar cell efficiency rating.
(illustrated: gennex fuel cell module)

The company pioneering this technology is
Ceramic Fuel Cells Limited

The Australian government is NOT interested in providing this CHEAP source of electricity, as it is happily providing at an over inflated rate to the populous.

Great interest has been shown by the German government, where they are really serious about being 'eco friendly'.

The Australian government's policy of being environmentally friendly MUST be expensive to the consumer.

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