Monday, January 17, 2011

Queensland Floods - Authorities Fault

One of the greatest and saddest loses of life is due to what we know to be the forces of nature.

Examples of such tragedies are amongst others Volcanic eruptions, Earth Quakes, Tsunamis and Flooding.

In Queensland Australia, a 'natural' disaster occurred called flooding, in areas where there is significant population.

Specific attention in this post will be focusing on the Brisbane area.

One of the areas water catchment dams is currently at 190% capacity. If Wivenhoe dam reaches 220%, then there will be a catastrophe, where the dam will be compromised.

The mass media are focusing on the tragedy of the situation, RATHER than how it got to that level.

corpau has interviewed State Emergency Service (SES) Workers, outside of Brisbane, and they tell of a DIFFERENT story, to that of the mass media.

Torrential rain is commonly known as a natural occurrence, even though chemicals can be sprayed above the clouds that instigate rain, this is not the focus of this post.

The occurrence of the rain WAS known to authorities, and measures were NOT taken accordingly prior to the event of the deluge of rain.

Prior to the rains, which was on the forecast radar, the flood gate should have been opened in Wivenhoe.

What the general populous do NOT know about is that there is also another rear wall which can be opened.

THIS WAS NOT DONE prior to the downpour.

The loss of human life attributed directly to the Wivenhoe dam water flow rests in the government's hands.

Some senators, Bob Brown, have blamed the mining (coal) industry for the 'flood's' but this is NOT a sentiment shared within the entire scientific community.

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