Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Suncorp - IT Monkeys paid peanuts

Suncorp is apparently one of Queensland's great success stories.

It all began in 1916, when the Queensland government formed the State Accident Insurance Office, which soon later became the State Government Insurance Office (SGIO), which expanded to other life insurance products and superannuation products, later encompassing finance and banking operations.

Today within the industry they are well know for their poor Information Technology skill set which is a direct result of globalisation (outsourcing).

Another common temptation within the I,T. industry is to outsource labour from India, where there is quite evidently a lack of skills associated with any of the projects required.

This is a common gripe, as much of the work carried out is not only sub standard, BUT also has to rectified.

This is at additional cost to the project, and as a result an 'over budget' catch phrase is used, where it is totally the fault of the host company.

The project blow outs are then passed on to the consumer in the form of higher fees, and greater insurance premiums.

In the end the customer is paying for the company's incompetence AND project failures.

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