Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Apple's App Store Fraud

It is absolutely amazing that there has been NO court time against Apple in the Australian courts, for breach of the consumers code of practice.

The Information Technology giant, Apple sells products all over the world via its App Store.
Certain apps (applications) are only able to be purchased depending on location.

Apple is selling its apps via the Australian app store to Australian consumers.

Under Australian Consumer Law, if a product purchased does not comply with the description or does not perform as stated, then the options by the consumer can be:
repairing of the faulty product, exchange of the faulty product, refund.

These laws also apply to software.

In the Australian App Store there are many products that do not perform as stated, or the users have commented that the product does not even work.

Under Australian law the users are entitled to a refund, which is an option that is NOT undertaken by the consumer or as an alternative offered by Apple.

Quite simply put Apple is profiteering FRAUDULENTLY from the sales and supply of faulty products, NOT offering consumer's a refund, if so desired which is ILLEGAL in Australia.

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