Thursday, February 24, 2011

David Koch sorry for 'sleep like the dead' tweet

Television presenter David Koch has apologised for a tweet from the Christchurch earthquake zone saying he was going to "sleep like the dead".

Koch, who is covering the disaster for Channel Seven’s morning show Sunrise, outraged Twitter users for his "bad choice of words" while tweeting last night.

"Up since 3.20am yesterday... time to sleep like the dead," Koch tweeted to his 15,000 followers last night.

After a torrent of ridicule from Twitter users Koch deleted the tweet and made an apology, citing a lack of sleep was behind it.

"Sorry everyone, bad choice of words. Not thinking straight from lack of sleep. Honest mistake," he wrote.

A spokeswoman for Channel Seven said Kochie was sorry for any offence caused.

"Kochie is sincerely sorry and deleted the message as soon as he realised what he said," the spokeswoman told the Herald Sun.

"He had been working for more than 36 hours straight and made a mistake. He is deeply sorry for any offence he may have caused."

24 Feb 2011

Once again the law has been broken by an employer.

"He had been working for more than 36 hours straight"

It is against the law to work for this amount of time with no breaks.

Channel 7 has publicly stated the Koch was working for over 36 hours straight.

They should be in the law courts for this breach of Occupational Health and Safety (O.H & S) act.

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