Thursday, February 17, 2011

Logitech Pure Fi - Rip off

In the world of consumer electronics accessories for Apple branded goods, one can quite clearly see the price premium the public are asked to pay for the accessories.

From Apple's docking cables that retail for $30 that can be brought from other sellers for $5 for the exact same cable which is manufactured in China for Apple, to ipod/iphone stereo system docks.

An example of such blatant consumer rip off for example, regarding Cambridge Audio's dock was posted :

Another example of audio systems follows:

The specifications of the illustrated Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere 2 ipod/iphone Dock indicate that it has 2" drivers and 3" pressure drivers.
Price: $219

As a comparison :

Soniq has a similar product the i301 iPhone/iPod Speaker System with 2" drivers and 2.7" pressure drivers.
Price $99

Whilst Soniq's product is not identical, the price difference is significant from $99 for the Soniq product compared to $219 for Logitech's dock.

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