Monday, February 21, 2011

Queensland levy flood - Government fraud

The government has embarked on a another "Money for Mates" deal, where money will be distributed amongst their cronies, WITHOUT any accountability to the public.

According to the mass media, the Prime Minister is pushing a 1.8 Billion dollar 'deal' through the senate in order to 'help' the Queenslanders.
The amount of monies given by the general public to the charities is in the vicinity of $200 million. Out of this money very little has made it through to the victims of the 'natural' disaster.

From key people in Brisbane, corpau has interviewed, it is widely regarded that if the authorities let the water out from the TWO outlets of the Wivenhoe dam, then the 'disaster' would NOT have happened.

It has also been learned that the 'media' hype associated with the torrential rain, was a beat up for people to 'feel sorry' for the 'victims' and donate money.
The money so far donated by the public are withheld in government, which is then traded on the international stock exchange earning healthy profits.

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