Friday, February 25, 2011

Speed Camera Fraud in Australia

An unnamed officer of the Australian Police force has been interviewed regarding the accuracy of speed cameras and radar guns used by the police.

The officer mentions that the government is fully ware of the inaccuracy of the devices, and it is fraudulently issuing infringement notices to the public.

He then mentions that the government is taking into account that most people will not contest the fines, and is basing its 'profits' on this fact alone.

This is done in a similar fashion in what General Motors (GM) in the United States did with a vehicle produced fault.

GM was again fully aware of the fault, and hired the accountants to estimate a financial payout based on the customers that would take legal action against GM compared to the cost of a product recall.

GM then made the decision NOT to recall the faulty vehicles as it would be of a more significant cost than dealing with the compensation claims, which would / could cost the lives of innocent people.

When this information was made public GM was fined.

Similarly the Australian Speed Camera Scam operated in the same manner that the government is fraudulently issuing speeding fines, taking into consideration that a small percentage will fight the matter in court.

Conversely to GM, the government will never be fined for fraud.

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