Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Arthur Freeman - The system that killed Darcey

On Tuesday the 29th of March 2011, the Australian Legal System concluded that Aurthur Freeman was guilty of murdering his daughter Darcey by throwing her from Melbourne's West Gate Bridge.

The mass media then dug deep to put together the life of the condemned person. In the Herald Sun many a page has been dedicated to the life and personality of Mr. Freeman.

It is of little relevance whether he is a geek, or an I.T. genius, or a bullied person at school, who had 'that look' in his eyes when pushed too far, or even someone who had a mild case of Asperger's Disease, but rather the events that lead up to the irreversible tragic event of the loss of an innocent life.

Only a fleeting comment was mentioned by the mass media that Freeman's relationship with his wife ended, and a 'BITTER' custody battle ensued .

The mass media DO NOT mention the details of many 'classic' cases regarding Child Custody where a relationship has gone pear shaped, and the woman uses the children, vindictively to inflict pain on her ex partner, by denying access to them.

In this case this is one of those text book scenarios, where the ex partner has withheld the children from their father.

Freeman's actions were an act of desperation which had irreversible consequences, irrespective of his state of mind.

In many cases Family relationship workers do their job from e.g 9 to 5, and then go home at the end of the day. There is little care about the job or rather the case, or even the best interest of the child.

Australian laws are geared up to break up the family unit. This type of analysis is NOT taken by the mass media, as it is against the 'system', and this type of reporting is NOT necessary for the masses to know.

After the family separation, the legal system, gives the father (once a fortnight) 'access' to the children, whereas previously under unity of the family, the spouses has 'equal' access to them.

Access or visitation rights are usually associated with criminals. The legal system sees the male as a criminal and NOT a parent.

It is the legal system that failed Darcey Freeman that ultimately led to the irreversible action made by Arthur Freeman.

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