Sunday, March 27, 2011

Australia knowlingly imports criminals

The Australian government has been importing criminals from various countries under the 'humanitarian' banner for over three decades.

This is a well known policy to the law makers and politicians within parliament, and is done on purpose. One of the benefits is to create upheaval and disorder in society whilst simultaneously profiteering from the monies gained from the proceeding of crime.

Some of the most organised crime gangs in Victoria or Melbourne are of imported ethnic origins.

They are housed in suburbs which they create later into ghettos. The authorities are fully aware of the operations with those areas BUT stand by idly.

Crime is not race biased, but rather attributed to a certain element or percentage in society. 'Trailer Park Trash' Australians commit violent crimes on par with their migrant counterparts. Australia has imported some of the most violent criminals from the Middle East from areas like Lebanon and Turkey, as well as from Vietnam and other Asian countries.

In Melbourne, Victoria there are the ghetto suburbs where the crime gangs operate with full knowledge of the authorities.

They are the suburbs of Roxburgh Park and the surrounds where the Middle Eastern crime gangs operate. From drug production and trafficking to motor vehicle rebirths are common place.

Other areas where the Asian gangs operate in Melbourne Victoria are Footscray, Sunshine and the surrounds. Drug trafficking and prostitution are high on the agenda of criminal activities.

The government keeps 'tabs' on this and keeps it at a 'controllable' level. Politicians, Lawyers, Police Officers make up the teams that are on the payroll of these crime gangs.

There is no need to 'expose' the people involved in the 'high' places as they are usually acquitted by their brethren (Masonic Judges), and the lives of the whistle blowers are then put in danger.

New Wave of Criminals:

The new wave of criminals that are imported into Australia are from African countries like Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea and the like.

The people form criminal gangs and terrorise the Australian community.In shopping centres they move around in packs, and the shop keepers call them 'carriers' mean they carries weapons, mainly knives.

Within their community, it is well known that these people have racist views, as their attacks are primarily gear towards 'whites'.

The government's catch phrase that "Multiculturalism Works in Australia" is nothing more than government propaganda, with the help of news agencies masking the truth behind the racist gangs and attacks within the Australian community.

The government has fraudulently masked the real crime figures of Melbourne, as reported by the Herald Sun newspaper.

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