Friday, April 1, 2011

Authorities learn to 'tweet' in disasters

Emergency authorities and media experts will meet in Brisbane next week to learn how to better use social media in disasters.

Websites such as Facebook and Twitter played a notable role in recent natural disasters including the Queensland floods and the Christchurch earthquake, but they also circulated misinformation.

Queensland University of Technology researcher Dr Jean Burgess said the symposium would bring together media and emergency authorities to examine what could be improved.

Dr Burgess said Twitter was more effective during the Christchurch quake than in the Queensland's floods, as a hashtag denoting official information was agreed on sooner.

"Within two to three days, there was a coordinated flow of recovery information among local residents, including everything from accommodation to port-a-loos," she said.

The symposium will be held at the State Library of Queensland on Monday.

30 Mar 2011

Surely this has got to be a JOKE right?

Allegedly some of the greatest minds are employed by the government, and 'they' do not know how to 'tweet' i.e. use a computer and type 140 characters.

Surely this has to be a secret agenda to use the tax payers money to fund a lavish dinner with lots of alcohol.

Await the next headline from the government:

Minister Sends Fax (all by himself) in Emergency.

Twitter has been around since 2007.

Is this what Australia has really become?

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