Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Coles chicken - No Hormones added - Lies

Another lie perpetuated by the Australian Food giant, but this time with a twist.

Cole at this point in time is not advertising this through the regular mass media outlets e.g. television or radio, but rather in store.

This picture was taken from the meat section of a Coles supermarket.

An interview from a source that supplies chickens indicated that there are hormones present in the chickens.

The statement made by Coles means that there are no more added hormones than already in the chickens.

Certain institutions will say that the hormone ban has been in place in Australia for over 40 years, but the people within the industry know better.

  • What is also NOT mentioned is the the chickens are overdosed on antibiotics, so that they do not get any diseases within their short life prior to slaughter.

This is one very important aspect DELIBERATELY overlooked by the mass media, which has adverse effects on the mass population.

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