Thursday, March 24, 2011

Coles illegal Trading regarding beer sales

The Australian retail giant Coles has announced that it will be selling beer under its purchase price.

Under Australian Consumer Laws, it is illegal to sell products under purchase price.

So called watch dogs like the ACCC (Australian Competitive and Consumer Commission) are standing by like spineless snakes in the wake of this most recent announcement.

What the general public may not understand is that there is the 'Money for Mates' deals that are done behind closed doors.

The high end business community is a well organised, well oild machine which is untouchable. Whether it is through mate-ship or bonds within the Masonic Lodges, these deals are struck to hurt the general public, in eye gouging price fixing deals.

Whilst one product is 'discounted' another line is incremented slightly to make up for the decrease in profit. This is usually done to wipe out competition of smaller independent shops.

This is widely practiced within the larger retail chains and the supermarket 'duopoly' in Australia.

Another illegal act supported by governments and businesses alike.

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