Thursday, March 31, 2011

Global Warming - Companies Profiteering

There are many catch phrases of the 21st Century, and depending on the individual the first thing that comes to mind will vary.

One of the undeniable catch phrases is:

There is undeniable evidence and proof that the less material resources we use the better for everyone in terms of financially / economically and environmentally.

The general order of the day is for governments to introduce taxes on the masses which punish them for using the resources they need to survive, that being electricity or gas for heating and cooling and various other resources.

The governments spend millions in propaganda (advertising) to brainwash the masses that it is for their BENEFIT that they get taxed heavily, but where the finances go from the taxes are the government secrets.

Corporations are some of the worlds GREATEST offenders in terms of environment destruction.

In this example some of the world's largest mobile phone manufacturers, the likes of :
Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, LG, Apple, Sony-Ericsson, HTC

will be taken into the spotlight.

These companies sell millions of mobile phones of each model they produce.

For example, LG sold 27.5 million mobile phone in the 3rd quarter of 2010.
By the end of 2007, Nokia managed to sell 440 million mobile phones.

Together with this comes one accessory that the mobile manufacturers are profiteering, i.e. ripping off the public, and in general creating a huge waste. This accessory being the humble wall adapter or charger.

Most phones work around the 3.7 volt battery, which can be recharged from a voltage of 5V from the adapter.

Each company brings out its own adapter, with its own plug, sometimes with every new model, in order so that the customer must purchase their expensive ($40) adapter for the company to achieve maximum profits.

USB (Universal Serial Bus) has been around for quite some time, designed in 1996, has made its way into Personal Computers, gaining popularity with the advent of Windows 98. The voltage used in USB is 5V

Mobile phone manufacturers could have universally utilised phone charging by USB, BUT chose NOT to, in order to sell their chargers at a high profit margin.

Enter the year 2011, some 15 years after the advent of USB, and there is some sort of move to standardise one adapter for all companies concerned.

This initiative is called One Charger for All from the European Union.

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