Thursday, March 24, 2011

Julia Gillard Lies - Carbon Tax Gov Scam

Julia Gillard stepped in as Prime Minister of Australia, after Kevin Rudd was expelled by the Labour Party.

Gillard was NOT elected by the population but rather, Gillard was fraudulently elected as she bribed the key politicians into voting for her.

During the campaign process Gillard stated that when elected she will not introduce the Carbon Tax.

Now in office Gillard is pushing the Carbon Tax through, in the process NOT telling anyone where the funds will be going and HOW they will be reducing the Carbon Footprint the tax is supposed to achieve.

These taxes are introduced to pay for the exorbitant lifestyles of the the Anglo - Masonic politicians in power today.

In scientific reports which the government does not want the masses to see, are reports that show that if all industrial processes were to stop in Australia, then the overall change in temperature would equate to maybe 0.01 degree Celsius less.

Australia has a population of approx 24 million, over 1/10th less than the United States or 1/5th that of Japan, who's industrial processes are more polluting than Australia's.

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