Friday, March 25, 2011

Lara Bingle could face jail after radio slip up

Lara Bingle could face time in prison after saying on radio she lost her driver's licence because she took demerit points for her friends.

"I had too many [points lost]. I took some for my friends," the bikini model told 2Day FM hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O yesterday, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Bingle's statement surprised Sandilands who said: "That's totally illegal … you're not allowed to take points for your friends."

The Road Transport Authority (RTA) is now investigating Bingle's admission. The maximum penalty for the offence is two months in prison.

But Bingle, who lost her licence last December after a speeding fine, later took back what she said on Twitter.

"Just to clarify I never took any of my friends' points regarding their licence. I said it in sarcasm. End of story. LB," she wrote.

But the RTA said they would still investigate the matter despite Bingle's denial.

A RTA spokeswoman said at worst Bingle could face fraud charges in a criminal court and if found guilty of demerit-point offences she could face two months in prison under the Road Safety Act.

Bingle again denied taking points for her friends when asked by reporters.

"I lost [my licence] on my own, that's the truth," she said at the Prix de Marie Claire awards.

"Of all the things I said [in the radio interview] I can't believe that small thing was taken out and has been turned into such a big deal."

25 Mar 2011

Lara Bingle is not exactly the brightest spark around.

She has admitted on air in a 'slip up', only later covering up the fact on twitter.

The whole matter will be swept under the carpet and NO JAIL time will be given.

These types of people are above the law, whereas if Mr. Joe Citizen did the same they would be incarcerated.

Again the same law different for 'us' and different for 'them'.

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