Thursday, March 31, 2011

RDS in Australia - NO info for you

RDS is a communications standard that stands for Radio Data System.

Without going into the technical specifications (see Wiki article Radio Data System) , it is designed to run parallel with receiving audio radio signals, and displaying them on your radio's digital display.

This standard has been around for quite some time, and as shown in the illustration there is an example of an Australian Radio Station displaying information:

What users of RDS are accustomed to seeing on their display is station id, current song information, weather update and even traffic information.

Unlike for the rest of the world this is NOT the case for Australia.

Again Australia is subject to the Technological Dark Ages regarding INFORMATION.

Government and telco policies of Australia are that of USER PAYS (and rather dearly) for ANY information services, and in some cases services are shut down deliberately.

Services that are standard elsewhere or at minimal subscription cost are charged at premium rates to the Australian masses.

Another thumbs up to the monopolies of Australian Telecommunications.

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