Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Centrelink defrauding the unemployed

Centrelink is a business which gives monies to people who require assistance from the government.

In the mass media there is a strong emphasis on reporting how people 'scam' ( or defraud) the system, BUT there are NO reports on how the 'system' defrauds the public.

A company or government committing fraud against an individual is as illegal as an individual committing fraud against a company or government.

Since Centrelink is a business, one of the government's unwritten policies is the to 'save money'.

One way of doing this is to provide false information to the people who are on Centrelink payments then after a short period of time, they are BREACHED and payment is NOT given.

Corpau has recorded information indicating that Centrelink is deliberately providing false information in order to fraudulently accuse the participant in providing false information in order to not pay them.

If an individual then lodges or indicates that they are lodging an appeal, they are then again subjected to harassment by the government, in the form of inquiries.

The message is plain and simple to any participant who complains.

If you (justly) complain that you are being persecuted, the government will beat you on the head.


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