Monday, April 18, 2011

Coffee surveillance job

It is not news to corpau that governments employ personnel to keep a tabs on the population.

This method of surveillance is across all governments from Communist to Capitalist, regimes to dictatorships. Sometimes it is used to eliminate uncomfortable people, whilst in more subtle ways it’s used to gauge public opinion or covertly monitor the masses.

Corpau, has recently been informed by a member of the public, that this person has been surveilled, and warned that the political views that they express could be monitored and the information not only held against them in their personal file but also result in them and their associates being watched.

The person who disclosed this information mentioned that the surveillance position in the government is in the vicinity of $70-80k salary, provided one meets the strict criteria, one naturally being loyal to the government, and of no political agenda. A background check of the individual is done which also takes approximately 4 weeks to complete ‘unofficially’.

Once trained the individual goes out into the community and for example sips ‘lattes’ (caffè latte) whilst reporting every move to their superior. If a subject is deemed a ‘risk’ (regarding for example political views), then further investigation is made into that person.

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