Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jobwatch closure - New Era of Slavery

According to the the Website:

JobWatch is...
An employment rights legal centre which provides assistance to Victorian workers about their rights at work.

Some of our functions include:

  • A free and confidential telephone information and referral service for Victorian workers.

  • Community legal education, including training, seminars and the production of a variety of publications on employment law and workers' rights.

  • Representation and assistance for disadvantaged workers through a legal casework practice

  • Campaign and law reform activity with a view to promoting workplace justice and equity for all Victorian workers.

JobWatch is an independent, not-for-profit organization funded by the Victorian Government, and is a member of the Federation of Community Legal Centres.

In line with policies of the New World Order, the government is retracting any place where the masses can complain to, and stand up for their rights.

  • The government does not see it fit for workers to demand their rights AND fair pay.
  • This closure of Jobwatch opens up the abuse of workers by corporate Goliaths.
  • This is the official beginning of SLAVERY in Australia.

As stated on the website:

JobWatch has been advised by The Hon. Richard Dalla-Riva, Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations that

''It is my assessment that the activities for which the previous government provided funding are no longer clearly aligned to the objectives of my department” .

Together with the planned overpopulation (of Melbourne), there will be a huge drop in wages for the worker to the significant advantage of governments and corporations alike.

Welcome to the New Age of Slavery.

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