Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ralph Lauren introduces solar-powered backpack

We’ll be honest, we didn’t quite expect Ralph Lauren to be the company to introduce a useful solar-powered backpack to power our gadgets while on the move. The Ralph Lauren RLX backpack offers a pretty large solar panel built in to the back of the backpack, one that the company says can charge a phone in around two hours. The backpack itself is water-resistant, with a decent amount of pockets and storage space, and generates a 3.45 watt current which is enough for most any mobile device or handset. It’s available in two colors, black and orange, is made in Italy, and will run you a steep $795. 10 Apr 2011

Here is an example of a consumer rip off and a post by a tech illiterate.

A quick check in basic electronics states that

  • current is measured in amps, whereas
  • power is measured in watts (volt x ampere).

Now here comes the good part,
a 5 watt (Monocrystalline) solar cell from an Australian electronics supplier retails for $35.

So the public are getting ripped of for say approx $100 worth of goods selling for $800.

Where are the A Current Affair or Today Tonight teams for this story ??? !!! ???

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