Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ritmo Bluetooth antenna a fake

Some I.T companies claim to have products that do something, whilst they clearly do not.

Some I.T. companies hide in their 1050 page EULA, that they have the right to 'spy' on you 'anonymously', gathering all your moves.

A company registered in Australia as have technology products available to the masses.

One of the products in their line is a Bluetooth dongle model CB-555.

In the illustration the dongle has an antenna, and an apparent range of 100M.

Upon opening up of the above illustrated product, corpau has found that the so called antenna, is nothing more than a plastic gimmick.

The antenna has NO physical connection to the main PCB, and never did.

Another product falsely presented to the masses, in order to con them into buying the ritmo product.

Misleading advertising in Australia is illegal, and is practicing another form of fraud.

So how is the Australian Consumer Watchdog going to deal with this?

It's NOT.

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