Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Crime gangs stealing iPhones in Melbourne

A crime spree well known to police and metropolitan transport operators is being kept out of the public eye.

In refugee strong holds in the suburbs of Melbourne, there is an alarming rate of brazen thefts in broad daylight particularly iPhones from unsuspecting victims, and easy prey, i.e. children or teenagers.

Refugees from the African nations of Sudan and Somalia are targeting the easy prey, eyeing out their smartphones. Once the person is either near an exit or close to a door the phone is then snatched out of their hands, and the common criminal then sprints away from the vehicle.

This type of crime is carried out mostly on bus and tram lines near Maribyrnong, towards Melbourne’s western suburbs, where the refugees are housed.

Other suburbs of Melbourne where similar crime patterns occur are again where the refugees are housed being the areas of Dandenong, Noble Park, to name a couple.

The government has created ghettos where it is not only dangerous for white people to venture into after dark, failing to protect the community, but also keeping this information away from the public eye via the mass media. Residents of these areas and the surrounding suburbs are all to aware of the severity of the situation.

Rather than alerting the population, the authorities are sweeping this under the carpet, in essence not only supporting the criminals but also encouraging them to continue this crime spree.

The excuse of racism can no longer be used as a defense, but rather a criminal act must be punishable with the full extent of the law.


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