Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Julia Gillard Australia’s first lesbian Prime Minister

Once Julia Gillard’s office time has expired, she will be remembered for many accolades, including Australia’s first female Prime Minister.

Gillard will be remembered, as a Prime Minister not elected by the nation, but by the bribery of the last two politicians who had the balance in their hands, to the astonishment of the motherland (England), a deliberately not reported fact by Australia’s mass media.

Gillard will also be remembered for saying that she will not introduce the carbon tax if in office, a tax that the general public will face as of 2012.

In the opinions of the masses her nick name is quite simply Ju – Liar, not that this fact has any relevance to the ruling elite.

Another lesser well known fact to the general populous , a fact well known within the office of Gillard, and her tight knit community is also supported by her self-admission, is that of her sexual orientation, i.e. being a lesbian.

Her official partner Tim Mathieson is nothing more than a farce in front of the masses. Australia’s roots in governance are that of the Judeo-Christian faith, yet the current Prime Minister serves no faith. What better way to fast track the new gay and lesbian laws than under the leadership of a lesbian Prime Minister.

The corporate media, being subservient to the governments of the day, generally steers clear of the personal topics of government leaders, whilst exposing details of Mr. Joe Average’s 15 minutes of fame in the spotlight, for whatever ground breaking story the editors see fit to print to publicly discredit the individual.

Over 70% of Australia’s corporate media is in the (political) hands of the Rupert Murdoch media empire, the rest being divided between Packer and Stokes.

Stories of significance can be approved at the boardroom level, at the brotherhood’s lodge level, or approved by the political party’s government representatives the print media is sympathetic to.

Upon the death of Sir Zelman Cowen, hailed as the nation’s healer, The Age newspaper (Liberal bias), ran a first page article, whilst the Herald Sun (Labour bias) newspaper ran a column on the inside pages.

In the new age of non discrimination together with sexual freedom for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex, these facts should be reported with pride and not taboo.

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