Thursday, April 12, 2012

Former Vic cop jailed for online sex chats

A former Victorian policeman who was addicted to luring underage girls into sexually explicit chats on Facebook has been jailed.

Paul Raeck, 34, Facebook "friended" seven teenage girls aged between 13 and 15 during 2010 and 2011.

The Victorian County Court heard Raeck posed as an attractive teenage boy to engage the girls in sexually explicit online chats and webcam meetings where he sought naked photos and sex.

Judge Richard Maidment sentenced Raeck to 33 months jail, with the former senior constable eligible for release on good behaviour after eight months.

The judge said Raeck should have known better as a former police officer and had effectively thrown away his marriage and career.

"You admitted to the police your offending was `like a bloody addiction'," he said on Thursday.

"You masqueraded essentially as that personality with a view to deceiving these girls ... so they may be prepared to let their guard down."

The judge said Raeck had subjected himself to public humiliation brought on by actions that occurred during an emotional low ebb.

One victim was persuaded to remove her top in a webcam conversation where she could only hear Raeck's voice, before the girl's mother walked in.

Another victim was asked for sex and said she could hear Raeck masturbating as he asked her to "help him along", the judge said.

Raeck was arrested in September after police raided his home in July, seizing his mobile and computers.

Judge Maidment acknowledged Raeck's remorse and the fact he had until that point lived a relatively blameless life.

Raeck pleaded guilty to seven charges involving using a carriage service for sexual activity and to transmit indecent communication, and procuring a person under 16 for sexual activity.

12 Apr 2012

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