Monday, April 30, 2012

Mourners lay rubber to send-off dead mate

Mourners in New Zealand have been filmed performing loud smoke-belching burn-outs outside a Wellington cemetery to honour a dead mate. 

The footage was filmed after the March 12 funeral of 22-year-old Troy Kahui, who died of a heart condition, reports.
Mother Karen Kahui said burnouts were the right way to farewell her son.
"It was an appropriate send-off for a person who was absolutely passionate about drift cars," Ms Kahui said.
But police said the funeral was the worst gathering of hoons the area had seen for five years.
Hutt Valley area commander Inspector Mike Hill said the group performed 300m burnouts not far from a primary school and could have injured children.
He said the antics were also disrespectful to those buried at the cemetery and visitors.
"I'm not aware of anywhere in New Zealand culture where it's acceptable [to do burnouts] at a funeral or after a funeral or in and around a cemetery," Inspector Hill said.
Mrs Tahui disagreed with the police assessment.
"'[At a funeral] you're supposed to be celebrating someone's life," Mrs Tahui said.
"That was his life."
Police have arrested four men aged between 18 and 27 who were allegedly in the burn-out video.
They face charges of dangerous driving and sustained loss of traction among other alleged offences.

30 Apr 2012

Losers and Trailer Park Trash are a dominant force in any country, irrespective of how their self righteous actions try to justify themsleves they will always be the cesspool of human society.

It is the role of every government to support this garbage, as they are the backbone of unskilled, uneducated labour force which is exploited by governments and corprations alike.

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