Thursday, April 12, 2012

Road fatality hushed by police

In a satellite town North West of Melbourne is a small town of approximately 40,000 people called Sunbury. Sunbury has a long history and an accolade of being cricket’s birth place of ‘The Ashes’.

Fraud and corruption are definitely not isolated to large cities and there are no boundaries whether they be geographical religious or cultural.

The government via the police puts a very strong emphasis on road deaths, and how they could be avoided with only one goal in mind, that being to reduce speed. No other factors are entertained.

Corpau has been given details that a road fatality has occurred in Sunbury that involved a police officer, has been handled in such a manner that has breached laws, resulting in the case being swept under the carpet.

The corporate media focus on stories that involve the masses stepping out of line, but rarely expose the corruption within the police ranks, only emphasizing the fact that the corporate media is the government’s voice.

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