Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lygon St biker hoons left alone by police

The corporate media is the tool used for government propaganda. 

Current media advertisements show that police have no/zero tolerance to speedsters and so called ‘hoons’.

A current advertisement shows how a motorcyclist allegedly speeding is involved in a fatal car accident, but if the speed was lowered, a step back in time shows that the collision would be avoided. A similar ad aired regarding a jay walker misled the masses.

Lygon Street is a very well known restaurant strip in the northern Melbourne suburb of Carlton. It is renowned for its assortment of Italian cuisine, pizzerias and more recently Asian dining.  It has been so for decades.

Lygon St. is also well known for another reason, that being of a meeting place where the activities lead to vehicular burnouts, and speeding along the main road. This kind of activity put the lives of pedestrians at risk along with the patrons sitting at the outside dining facilities.The speed limit along Lygon St. currently is 40km/h.

During the peak evening dinner periods of Thursday, Friday and Saturday, many a ‘hoon’ drives past Lygon St. at either double the speed limit or covering the street with tyre smoke choking patrons and pedestrians alike.

Videos have been obtained by corpau, showing motor bike riders performing burnouts with not a police car in sight. Bikers (media term erroneously describe them as bikies), either performing burnouts or riding clearly with unroadworthy motorbikes ride past police.

There can be 3 or more driving offences committed an hour at Lygon St, with no police in sight.
The police do not touch bikers under any circumstances at Lygon St. but rather choose easy targets like students turning left, who may have forgotten to use their indicators.

Corrupt police work together with criminal biker members in return for favours. Simple road infringements are just the beginning of the list.

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