Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Mowbray College closure

A school in Melbourne's west that has made the corporate media news of late is the private school Mowbray College, which is sperad along three campuses, from Melton to Caroline Springs.

The focus of the corporate media, was on the feelings of parents/students, and what the government would do to resolve the future education of approximately 1300 students.

The greater problems lies within the administration of the business, the fraud in relation to the 'mismanagement' of $18 million, and the alarm bells that were there since 2006.

Once the school's financial status has made it to the mass media, information has been obtained by corpau, that there was never any policy by the administrators to take Mowbray out of receivership, but rather to finish it off.
That was/is the policy of the administrating company.

Also the people in charge of the finances are now interested in starting a kindergarten, as their next venture.

The politics, when fraud is committed against the general public, is that it goes unpunished. Such will be the case with the people in charge of the downfall of Mowbray College.

The excuses given to the general populous, will make sense, and no one will be blamed, but rather the circumstances.

The people in charge should be incarcerated, and not be given the opportunity to start a kindergarten, but politics being in play will override any legalities.

Update: 30/05/2012 @09:54

Information has been obtained by corpau, that the people in charge of Mowbray College, transferred their own children two years prior to this years official announcement of the closure, as they already knew it (the college) was going 'down'.

They were told by the authorities not to say anything.

This matter is a matter of fraud, which will be handled in the most pathetic manner by all concerned.


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