Thursday, July 12, 2012

Recorded for training purposes

In today's day and age the monitoring of the masses is a high priority.

Information is collected both officially and against the knowledge of the people under the microscope.

When one calls a government institution or corporation a common message the caller is greeted by is that one of informing them that the conversation is "recorded for quality assurance or training purposes".

This statement by any government or business is deliberately misleading the caller.

Whilst any organisation can claim or even do use a recording for training purposes the main objective for recording the 'customer' is to put the information contained within on the database or the personnel file of the individual if the information is obtained by a government organisation.

This information is stored indefinitely, and its purpose can be used against the individual rather than for  benefit.

This practice has been going on for decades, with no indication that the false and deceptive misinformation given to the general populous will ever stop.

It is in no one's interest (nor government nor corporate) to inform the public, that the recordings arenot for what they claim to be.

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